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How many days between two dates? DAYS CALCULATOR. Set the START DATE and the END DATE. Calculate the day of the week?

When were you born? Numbers of days to an event or Number of days since an event. Enjoy free date calculator!

START DATE (Day / Month / Year):

Example: The day when you were born, today, contract / invoice date, a past event

END DATE (Day / Month / Year):

Example: Expiry date, holiday date, event date in the future

If you want to know the number of days days until other events:

How many days until Easter 2024 ? (April 1st, 2018)
Until the Catholic Easter 2018 there are -2071 days.

How many days until Christmas 2023 ?
Days until Christmas: Until Christmas 2023 there are 23 days.

How many days until New Year's Eve 2023 ?
Number of days until New Year\'s Eve: 29 days

How many days passed from 2023?
334 days have passed since the first day of the year.

How many days have passed since the end of the world :) - 21 dec 2012?
Since the so-called end of the world have passed 3998 days

You may also count the number of days (and reasons to celebrate):

How many days since birth do you celebrate today?
In which week day were you born?
How many days old is your friend?
Since how many days do you know someone?
How many days until the end of the year?
Number of days until an event
How many days until a concert?
Number of days since you've met each other ;) - buy some flowers or a bottle of wine

Useful date and days calculators

How many days are until Easter holiday 2024 ? (April 1st, 2018)
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